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We will grow Girls Unite for Defense to an international level. We will start with targeting high school students in Delaware to implement both virtual and in-person programs. We will recuit leaders onto our team who will implement these programs in other schools. This process will be replicated in other states throughout the United States. Our goal is to reach students from countries lacking awareness and support for women safety issues. Specifically, India is one of the most dangerous countries for women with over 28 thousand cases of sexual assault in 2020. Our goal is to connect with students in foreign countries to spread our message and knowledge.


This initiative originally started as an online bi-weekly session, during the pandemic, as an educative resource for girls to learn about defense. Sanjana Medisetty, Anusha Devisetty,  and Suhani Bhatt began educating themselves and then hosting these sessions. As months progressed, the initiative transformed into a formal organization. 


Sanjana Medisetty and Anusha Devisetty are the co-founders of this organization They are high school females eager to make a change in their community. They have been in situations in which their loved ones felt scared, uncomfortable, and threatened which made them feel helpless. Prior to those situations, they had no knowledge on where and how to gain access to self-defense. With a goal of making a difference in their community and a passion for empowering females, the founders started this organization. 

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Sanjana Medisetty (Co-Founder and Executive Director)

Anusha Devisetty (Co-Founder and Marketing Director)



Isheta Kulshreshtha (Outreach Coordinator)


Tejasvi Dantu (Program Coordinator)

Help us achieve our mission by joining our team as an intern that receives volunteer hours!

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