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GUD Teams up With Gender ShEquality

Girls Unite For Defense recently teamed up with another women-empowering organization, Gender ShEquality. Gender ShEquality is a nonprofit organization dedicated to de-stigmatizing feminism. Their initiatives include educating people on social media, running a blog, and teaching children about feminism topics through online videos.

GUD and Gender ShEquality are currently working together to compile a video lesson series regarding topics such as cyber defense, legal defense and physical self defense. Additionally, in light of the recent overturn of Roe v Wade, GUD and Gender ShEquality are working on a phone/email banking session where teens can join and contact their representatives and congressmen/women. This will allow adolescents to have a voice in today’s politics and demonstrate their stance.

GUD hopes to continue working with Gender ShEquality in order to help build a safer world for women to prosper in.

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