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GUD’s Partnership With Delaware Dragon Martial Arts

The core aim of Girls Unite For Defense is to spread knowledge of self-defense to younger girls. GUD has been reaching this goal in Delaware, having hosted free monthly sessions for girls to learn basic self-defense techniques at Delaware Dragon Martial Arts. Sessions were open to both middle school and high school girls and were taught by Instructor Rebecca Evans. In pairs, the girls learned how to defend themselves from arm/wrist grabs, ground attacks, punches, hugs, and more. Participators also learned about situational awareness and how to stay cautious in public environments.

Delaware Dragon Martial Arts has been a great partner for GUD, having similar aims to help women learn self-defense. Their studio is also hosting a women’s self-defense program where they go more in-depth in self-defense techniques against knife and gun attacks.

GUD plans to continue offering free self-defense classes in continued partnership with Delaware Dragon Martial Arts. If you missed the previous sessions and/or want to learn, a video demonstration is linked here:

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