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Girls Unite For Defense Introductory Virtual Event

Girls Unite For Defense has been eager to expand their reach to all high school girls in Delaware! On January 4, founders Anusha Devisetty and Sanjana Medisetty hosted a virtual event to introduce GUD, hoping to provide inspiration for the next potential female leaders.

Students learned about the mission, goals, and services of GUD. They were also given a special opportunity to experience a self-defense lesson about identifying dangerous situations. Students were taught how to recognize physical signs of danger and analyze the severity of the situation. They then learned how to use their surroundings and available resources to avoid harm. Afterwards, students were walked through a few example scenarios to give context to the lesson. This demo was just one of the various important self-defense lessons that GUD aims to educate high school girls on.

GUD always treasures the connections that are gained from events involving the community, and this introductory event was especially rewarding. As a result of the event, GUD expanded to Delaware high schools besides Newark Charter High School, including Cab Calloway, lead by Jessica Williams, and Smyrna High School, lead by Adila Colon. GUD will have a lot more opportunities to promote to the public, so please reach out if you are interested!

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